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Verge of Corruption

Verge of Corruption

A Love’s Warrior Novel



Fiction, Contemporary, Romance, Erotic

Publish Date

August 18, 2020

Short Description

For fans of dark fantasy and steamy paranormal tales, Verge of Corruption by P.C. Stevens will be a welcome and exciting addition to your reading list and have a permanent spot on your bookshelf. This sexy, gritty tale of two very different people fighting their own demons while discovering their love and passion for one another during a time of upheaval will keep you engaged and on the edge of your seat.



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Tris couldn’t look away from those indigo eyes. Then, as if a barrier crumbled between them, he had the fierce urge to drape her body with his and skim his mouth over her jaw to her lips… He’d lick the top one, then the bottom before coaxing them open with his tongue…


Tris, a Light-blooded warrior on the run, and Zestine, a fearsome cat shifter, come together as spies in this deliciously dark, sinfully sexy tale of war and treachery, love and devotion. Some of Tris’s kind have callously shunned their roots by trading their Light for the Darkness. By order of the king and queen, he and Zestine are to investigate the unprecedented metamorphosis.


To the Dark Dimension they venture, straight into the heart of enemy territory. Their facade requires they pose as lovers, and for Tris to trick his Dark kin into believing he’s one of them, the reality of which proves abominable. He must look the other way while others are mistreated, and partake in heinous tasks to keep from raising suspicion.


Tempting death becomes a means to survive. By surrounding himself in Darkness, Tris’s Light weakens. Though Zestine’s a top predator and efficient killer, it’s not long before she finds herself powerless and close to breaking.


Yet they’re not without a glimmer of hope, as even love can be found in the Darkness. And in their world, love is much more than an emotion. It’s a weapon the enemy won’t see coming.

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