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Geoff Habiger


Fiction, Crime, Fantasy, Historical, Thriller

Publish Date

May 4, 2021

Short Description

Prohibition. Gangsters. Vampires. Saul’s life changed when Al Capone murdered him. But Saul is now a vampire, and his life is fraught with challenges as he tries to understand his powers. Capone is still a threat but a new danger threatens Saul’s family. The only way for Saul to save them will be if he’s willing to pay the ultimate price.


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Saul Imbierowicz’s life has not been the same since the fateful night that Al Capone murdered him. And even though Saul is now one of the living dead – a vampire – his life is still fraught with challenges as he tries to understand his vampire abilities. Granted, his partner Christian is no longer threatening to stake Saul at every opportunity, but Saul is still searching for answers as he tries to understand his new ‘life’.


Meanwhile, Al Capone is being released from prison, but that is the least of Saul’s worries. Eliot Ness has deemed the notorious gangster off limits, while Director J. Edgar Hoover has taken note of Saul and Christian’s activities and has his own plans for the two agents. When Mr. Brown’s mysterious master finally reveals herself, she puts Saul’s family in more danger than they’ve ever been in before. Saul’s life continues to change, and not for the better. The choices that Saul must make in order to save his family, stop Capone, and deal with an old threat, might come at a price too high for Saul to pay.

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Geoff Habiger

Geoff Habiger


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