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A guessing game of life or death.


Sam B Miller II


Fiction, Science Fiction

Publish Date

August 8, 2019

Short Description

A top-secret paramilitary agency wants the U-10 and its gadgets. The guy who has the U-10 wants to keep it. The alien who lost the U-10 wants it back. A death squad dispatched to retrieve the U-10 will stop at nothing to accomplish their mission.


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Koritt Diviak’s assignment was simple—travel to Earth and return with a human specimen, along with samples of their technology. After Koritt’s transport crashes in the desert of Afghanistan, 10th Mountain Division Lieutenant Ty Lavender commandeers the ship, along with the U-10— the most ingenious technology in the galaxy focused into a weapon with multiple capabilities—and uses it to protect his team from local insurgents, who want retribution.


Things heat up when special operative Lincoln Frost shows up, determined to appropriate the alien technology for SEED, the top-secret, power-hungry US paramilitary agency tasked with eliminating threats to national security. Thinking a breeding pair will be even more valuable to his home planet, despite the animosity between them, Koritt captures both Lavender and Frost, along with the U-10, and waits for help.


But rescue isn’t coming…and the humans are more intelligent, and resourceful, than Koritt anticipated. As the true purpose of Koritt’s mission comes to light, the battle begins. Under attack from all sides, hidden agendas emerge, and Koritt, Lavender, and Frost—all at odds with each other—will do whatever it takes to ensure victory. Now they must work together if they—and the planet—are going to survive.

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Sam B Miller II

Sam B Miller II


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