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Twice A Daughter

Twice A Daughter

A Search for Identity, Family, and Belonging


Julie Ryan McGue


Nonfiction, Biography / Memoir, Family and Relationships, Parenting

Publish Date

May 11, 2021

Short Description

Julie is adopted and a twin. What begins as a desire for medical information evolves into a quest that unearths secrets, lies, and family members right next door.


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Julie is adopted. She is also a twin. Because their adoption was closed, she and her sister lack both a health history and their adoption papers―which becomes an issue for Julie when, at forty-eight years old, she finds herself facing several serious health issues.

Julie's search for her birth relatives spans years and involves a search agency, a PI, a confidential intermediary, a judge, an adoption agency, a social worker, and a genealogist. By journey's end, what began as a simple desire for a family medical history has evolved into a complicated quest―one that unearths secrets, lies, and family members that are literally right next door.

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Julie Ryan McGue

Julie Ryan McGue


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