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Twelve for Twelve

Twelve for Twelve


Dawn J Rasmussen


Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Women, Suspense, Humor Fiction, Contemporary

Publish Date

February 10, 2022

Short Description

Twelve years of heartache. Twelve acts to uncover the truth.


“...and born of my torment, a plan conceived: daring, dastardly, and a touch divine, a frantic clutch at fate’s unruly ruffs, that the great black hole of despair might not swallow me whole.”


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Twelve years after his disappearance, Jack Sutton is spotted jogging through a park. Tortured by questions of Jack's unknown fate, Camden Slade’s anguish takes a turn for the reckless, and she conceives a plan to discover what happened to him. With the help of two friends and a hired gun, Camden sets her strategy in motion, a plan that requires her full arsenal of skills as a fraud examiner and turns the tables in her favor. When things start to fall apart, Camden finds herself scrambling to avoid detection and hide her wrongdoings. She is finally able to ask the long-awaited questions of her heart, but is she prepared for the answers she receives or to face the soul-altering savagery of what she has done?

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Dawn J Rasmussen

Dawn J Rasmussen


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