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T. L. Scott


Teen and Young Adult, Thriller, Action and Adventure, Science Fiction, Drama, Fiction, Apocalyptic, Fantasy

Publish Date

February 6, 2020

Short Description

A reality jumper and an empath have been torn from their reality. They have fought against evil in many forms across the many realities they have searched while trying to get home. Once again they find themselves thrust into another reality and barely avoid a fatal crash. They struggle to understand the forces that keep moving them like pieces on a cosmic game board, a high stakes game with lives at stake reality after reality.


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The action-packed and greatly anticipated sequel to “Levels” catches up with Jake and Clare. They’ve found a respite from the chaos that had taken over their lives after their adventure in Wentley’s Department Store. They searched through countless realities struggling to find a way to get back to their families, back to their reality. They’d come close but there was always something that wasn’t right. This place isn’t their original reality, but they are happy together and at least nobody is actively trying to kill them. Unfortunately, it doesn't last.

Once again, unknown forces thrust them into a reality that is vastly different. One that has been ravaged by war and a great cataclysmic event. Jake and Clare face off against their greatest enemy yet. This reality is ruled by a power-hungry dictator who will do whatever it takes to gain absolute control, no matter how many lives it costs.
They have to find a way to stop this man. How can a reality jumper and an empath stop him from destroying not just this world but many others as well?

Time is short. Danger is everywhere. Billions of lives hang in the balance.

This fast-paced dystopian thriller keeps delivering the action-- reality, after reality, after reality.

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T. L. Scott

T. L. Scott


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