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Time for Margot to Go to Bed

Time for Margot to Go to Bed

A fun picture book about friendship, caring, and the need for acceptance


Lieve Snellings


Children's Books

Publish Date

October 18, 2019

Short Description

Playing with her friends is heavenly. But when Margot needs to go into hibernation,

her world breaks down. What can be done to see each other?


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Playing with her friends is the best. But when Margot needs to go into hibernation, her world breaks down. Can somebody help her?

In the heartwarming children's book, "Time for Margot to Go to Bed," join Margot, a playful little groundhog girl, as she faces the challenge of hibernation. As autumn arrives and the time for hibernation draws near, Margot finds herself in a dilemma. Her world turns upside down, and tears well up in her eyes. How will she survive without her friends for months on end? With her beloved companions by her side, Margot embarks on a heartwarming journey to find a solution and go to bed with a smile on her face. Along the way, Margot learns valuable lessons about friendship, acceptance, and the importance of communication and understanding. Filled with enchanting illustrations and a touching storyline, this delightful tale is perfect for bedtime reading, fostering a love for storytelling and teaching children the power of friendship and overcoming challenges.

Learning points:
• Explores the significance of friendship, caring, and acceptance.
• Addresses common bedtime struggles faced by children and offers guidance for parents and caregivers who may relate to the story's content. It shows how open communication can help children feel safe and fall asleep happily.
• Encourages the sharing of problems and open communication to find solutions.
• Celebrates the power of imagination and creativity.
• Brings the story to life with delightful illustrations featuring real animal photos, bringing smiles to children's faces.

Children will be captivated by the stunning visuals and engrossing story of "Time for Margot to Go to Bed." This charming book is perfect for bedtime reading, sure to become a beloved favorite in every child's collection. Don't miss out on this delightful adventure with Margot! Grab your copy today and let the enchantment begin!

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Lieve Snellings

Lieve Snellings


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