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Time Benders the Machine

Time Benders the Machine

Book I


JB Yanni


Fiction, Science Fiction

Publish Date

November 18, 2018

Short Description

Time Benders tells the tales of the Fitzgerald siblings. Lost in boarding school after their parent's deaths, they unlock the secrets to time travel. Through their adventures, they learn to trust one another, face the challenges of their grief and their spiritual values, all the while traveling to pivotal moments in history. These relatable teens will grab your hearts and minds with their science and adventures!


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On a sunny day in 1974, the Fitzgerald siblings learn that their parents have died in a tragic accident. Devastated, the children are sent to boarding school at Choate Rosemary Hall--the same boarding school that their father and John F. Kennedy went to when they were younger, their Aunt tells them.


Athletic, popular, football star Ken is the eldest Fitzgerald, and suddenly burdened with the responsibility of caring for his three younger siblings. Deb, a year younger, prefers books and the library to socializing, drawn to history and archaeology and hoping to find her way in Choate’s structured order. Joe is racked with sorrow over his parent’s deaths and determined to find a way to either get them back or make them proud. Kim, the youngest, is only ten years old and just trying to make new friends and keep close to her sister and brothers.


When Joe finds an elaborate math problem and solves it, with the help of the reclusive caretaker, Mr. Brewster, the Fitzgerald’s discover that they have unlocked the secrets of how to bend time and time travel. Together, they devise a plan to go back in time, change a pivotal moment in US history, and impact their parents’ lives in the hopes of stopping the terrible accident that brought them to boarding school. Along the way they face looming spiritual and moral questions, while finding their way toward closeness and a path through their grief.


With shades of C.S. Lewis’s Pevensie siblings and the wonder of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials, JB Yanni’s Time Benders and the Machine is a time traveling adventure full of heart and soul.

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JB Yanni

JB Yanni


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