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How My Learning Dis-Ability Became My Way to Financial Freedom


Matthew T. Sampson Jr


Education, Family and Relationships, Finance, Self-Help

Publish Date

May 6, 2023

Short Description

This book is crafted with empathy and personal insight, 'This-Ability' aims to support individuals who are or have been through Special Education during their formative years. By sharing my own journey, I seek to alleviate the challenges and burdens faced in such environments, reassuring readers that they are not alone in experiencing stress. The book emphasizes diverse paths to success, encouraging individuals to leverage their unique talents and life experiences acquired beyond traditional education. It advocates for personal strengths and skills developed through adulthood, empowering readers to thrive in their careers and attain financial independence, regardless of conventional educational backgrounds.


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I authored the book "This-Ability" with a intention from the heart—to extend a guiding hand to those who, like myself, navigated the challenges of growing up in Special Education while dealing with learning deficits. Drawing from my own journey, I delve into the realms of my interests, eager to share the lessons I've learned through self-discovery and independent learning. This book isn't just about embracing oneself; it's a roadmap toward uncovering the hidden talents nestled within.

The crux of its message revolves around learning to find contentment within oneself, paving the way to unearth latent abilities. It vividly illustrates how confidence, once gained, can be emancipating like. For me, this newfound confidence didn't merely stay within; it really manifested in tangible ways, allowing me to step up and assist my parents during challenging times, be it their health struggles or financial setbacks. These experiences became the stepping stone upon which my entrepreneurial journey was built.

The book weaves real-life narratives, painting a clear picture of how confidence, that propelled me towards success in various domains. From adept money management to honing DIY skills, venturing into real estate, investing, and establishing an online store, I share firsthand experiences and strategies honed through sheer initiative and persistence.

My goal isn't just to narrate my story; it's to assure readers that they're not alone in their struggles. I emphasize that stress is a shared experience but also emphasize the multitude of paths to success. Formal education or conventional training need not define your journey; harnessing your unique talents and the wisdom accrued through the rocky rollercoaster ride of adulthood can pave the way for a thriving career and eventual financial freedom.

Through "This-Ability," I aim to empower individuals to recognize their worth, embrace their innate potential, and traverse the diverse avenues leading to personal fulfillment and professional success.

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Matthew T. Sampson Jr

Matthew T. Sampson Jr


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