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Theo and Sprout (eBook)

Theo and Sprout (eBook)

A Journey of Growth


Joseph Gergen


Teen and Young Adult, Psychological

Publish Date

May 21, 2022

Short Description

Sprout is here to help. Theo is not so sure. He’s not even sure where she came from or who she is. Is she a dream? Is she an hallucination? Whatever she is, Sprout is intent on staying. Theo must now grapple with her existence and her motivations.

Thus one Spring morning the adventures of Theo and Sprout begin.


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Sprout says she’s there to help him, to guide him. Theo, an introverted, teenage boy form a large family, is not so sure about that. He’s not sure about much of anything at the moment. You see, Theo is thrown into absolute uncertainty one morning after he has showered for school when Sprout suddenly manifests herself physically in his body.

Is she a dream? A hallucination? That is what Theo grapples with as he not only sees Sprout in the mirror, then validates what he’s seen by looking down at his body, now her body, but also begins a conversation with her about what the hell is going on.

While Theo longs for some guidance through the perils of adolescence, the guidance he knew his family wouldn’t give him, he isn’t prepared for Sprout to present herself and offer it to him. In fact, he doesn’t appear to have a choice since Sprout, sassy and confident about her presence, won’t go away.

Thus begin the adventures of Theo and Sprout. Sprout comes and goes as she pleases, forcing Theo to come to grips with her existence, the fear of being caught, the guidance she offers and the choices she asks him to make. Together Theo and Sprout must navigate the uneasy situations Sprout creates by appearing at inopportune times, whether in school, at church, or at a family gathering.

Sprout just wants Theo to grow. Theo just wants to survive.

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Joseph Gergen

Joseph Gergen


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