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The Whole of the Moon

The Whole of the Moon


Rush Leaming


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Teen and Young Adult

Publish Date

August 14, 2018

Short Description

In 1988, near the end of the Cold War, a group of young Americans working for an international aid organization plunge into the beautiful, fascinating, yet dangerous world of Zaire, Africa. Ambitious, if a bit naïve, they must overcome hardship and tragedy, pushing themselves to their personal limits, while forging strong bonds among themselves and the local villagers they’ve come there to help.

A thrilling adventure—romantic, lyrical and deeply heartfelt—THE WHOLE OF THE MOON explores the power of friendship and the struggles and triumphs of living as a stranger in a very strange land.



The Winner

Book's Awards


"Demonstrates the difference between a singular story and a gripping emotional journey that grabs one's heart and doesn't let go. It cements that pull with poetic and lovely descriptions and psychological and social insights in an approach that makes it highly recommended for any novel reader looking for a compelling saga of tough love and transformative changes." -- D. Donovan, The Midwest Book Review

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Rush Leaming

Rush Leaming


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