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The Vampires of Greenwich Village

The Vampires of Greenwich Village

NYPD Wizard Detective Book 2


Arjay Lewis


Fiction, Urban, Thriller, Suspense, Police / Detective, Crime, Paranormal and Supernatural

Publish Date

December 11, 2019

Short Description

A tough NYPD detective. A rising vampire menace. Can he stop bloodsucking graverobbers from tearing apart Manhattan?


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He could use a break. With his wife expecting and the undead rising, he’s not going to get one…

Newly minted wizard and NYPD Detective Eddie Berman is burning the staff at both ends. Between his crime-fighting duties and the fast-approaching birth of his third child, he knows he’s staring down more sleepless nights. And when a drug bust exposes vampires attempting to fulfill a sinister prophecy, he’s in a race against time to stop them from raising the dead.

With an army of bloodsuckers and their king headed to a giant graveyard ceremony in Lower Manhattan, Eddie fears his fledgling sorcery won’t measure up. Because if he can’t disrupt the ritual, then The City That Never Sleeps will be doomed to a waking nightmare.

Can Eddie conjure up a greater power before his enemy hammers the last nail in his coffin?

The Vampires of Greenwich Village is the action-packed second book in the NYPD Wizard Detective series. If you like wicked humor, dark demons, and heroes stretched to the limit, then you’ll love Arjay Lewis’s pulse-pounding tale.

Buy The Vampires of Greenwich Village to take a stake to the grave-robbing undead today!

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Arjay Lewis

Arjay Lewis


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