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The Ultimate Book of Bathroom Etiquette and Humor by Larry A. Glanz

The Ultimate Book of Bathroom Etiquette and Humor by Larry A. Glanz



Nonfiction, How To, Humor, Philosophy, Self-Help

Publish Date

September 18, 2020

Short Description

In his brilliant book, The Ultimate Book of Bathroom Etiquette and Humor, Larry A. Glanz delivers a clever and humorous homage to everything you wanted to know about bathroom etiquette but were afraid to ask. His unique intriguing writing style and use of distinctive terms, parodies, jingles, humor and wit to explain the unusual, yet oddly important subject will make you laugh out loud as you flip through the pages.


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Newly revised with new, hilarious, startling facts and expert advice. This fresh 2022 edition is the perfect book and gift to enlighten and enjoy!!


The Ultimate Book of Bathroom Etiquette and Humor

Stories, Quotes, Rules, Songs, Musings, and More to Educate, Entertain & Inspire.


The goal of this book: lead you to more fulfilling bathroom experiences in the future. Let's address Bathroom Etiquette in an enjoyable, yet instructive way. There are many books on the market designed to give bathroom users a few laughs, or a lot of arcane facts, while they are passing their time, among other things. But there are very few books that speak about the bathroom itself. And, still fewer if any, are the books that educate and entertain...with a focus on the bathroom.


Fear and shame are powerful motivators, and insightful teachers. We also learn from our mistakes, and I have made some doozies. Learning from my mistakes has been important in preparing me to write this book. I have also tried to identify many important issues of Bathroom Etiquette, by learning from the mistakes of others.


Hopefully, my bathroom encounters, disasters, and illuminations will resonate with you. Perhaps, you will be reminded of similar breaches of Bathroom Etiquette by yourself or others that you have experienced either at home or away. And that these experiences will become your guide to learning and sharing proper Bathroom Etiquette moving forward.


Keep this book in a room that you deem the most important to you. You may also want to have a copy in your car for those occasions when you are either a guest in someone's home, dining out, away on business or vacation.


Make sure this book is close at hand if you need a Bathroom Etiquette tip, crave a laugh or just want to belt out a song parody or two. You have thousands (or maybe even millions) of bathroom experiences ahead of you. I want all your future bathroom experiences to be painless, stainless, happy and not too crappy.


The Ultimate Book of Bathroom Etiquette and Humor is your source for:

Facts Stories Trivia Rules Song Parodies Quotes Nursery rhymes Sing-a-longs Songs Thoughts Terminology Quiz And more


Buy this as a gift for a dad or mom, as a present for your 'hard to buy for' brother or sister, or as an educational & entertaining book for a younger child!

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