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The Thieves of Heaven

The Thieves of Heaven

Michael St. Pierre Book 1


Richard Doetsch


Action and Adventure, Thriller, Mystery

Publish Date

April 26, 2006

Short Description

The Thieves of Heaven is the story of Michael St. Pierre and his race to steal two keys from the Vatican in order to save the life of his dying wife. Swept from New York City to Rome to Jerusalem to Berlin, Michael is drawn deeper and deeper into a world of deadly deception where the consequences of his thieving actions are far worse than the loss of a single life.

At the heart of the story though, underneath the suspense and mystery, is how far a man will go to save the life of the woman he loves.


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The most closely Guarded treasure on Earth.

An explosive ancient secret.

A breakneck journey into the heart of the Vatican.

In a small, heavily fortified room just north of the Sistine Chapel, a master thief is about to strike. All he needs is an instant-to steal the most important treasure in the Vatican museum: two antique keys-one gold, one silver-that protect the secret of salvation..

But a surprise awaits Michael St. Pierre deep inside the Vatican, an ancient secret so explosive, it sends him running for his life?from the streets of Rome to a small stone church in Israel?with two stolen keys and a terrible realization: the consequences of his desperate, brazen act are far greater than he could ever have imagined.

For the treasure he has uncovered?the gleaming prize buried within the most clandestine structure on earth?is about to bring him face-to-face with an enemy more shocking, frightening, and insidious than anyone can guess....

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Richard Doetsch

Richard Doetsch


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