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Carlos Valrand


Science Fiction, Thriller, Fiction

Publish Date

February 25, 2021

Short Description

A young London schoolteacher and an investigation by two Americans that she inexplicably follows in dreams reveal long-hidden otherworldly secrets.


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Cicely, a British school teacher, suddenly becomes afflicted with dreams of glimpses from the lives of two strangers who become entangled in a grand-scale government conspiracy. Charles and Vivian are involved in a dangerous investigation that involves locating an operative who absconded with a secret document containing priceless information.

Cicely seeks psychiatric help for her unsettling visions, but the therapy does not stop the dreams from unfolding and escalating. Are the dreams wild figments of her imagination, or are Charles and Vivian real people? If the two are, in fact, real, then Cicely has more to worry about than just bizarre dreams.

As Cicely’s dreams progress, she vicariously follows Charles and Vivian as they locate and enter a secret installation concealed in the high desert north of Los Angeles. The inhabitants of the sprawling compound are not from Earth, but that is just the beginning of a series of jaw-dropping revelations. The aliens have been secretly working with members of the government for decades, mining invaluable resources—but the real bombshell revelations deal with the mind-blowing backstory of an advanced space-faring civilization, and how their secrets, if revealed to the public, would change human civilization forever.

The Site is an impressively intricate and fast-paced science fiction thriller, with main characters facing moral issues, and whose daring search for truth and independence pits them against powerful forces and exceptional intelligences that work against their best plans.

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Carlos Valrand

Carlos Valrand


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