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The Science of Seduction

The Science of Seduction


Terrence A Reese


Fiction, Drama, Contemporary, Erotic, Romance, Women, Humor Fiction, Teen and Young Adult

Publish Date

September 8, 2022

Short Description

Lena teaches boys to be men that can cater to the needs, wants and desires of woman.


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Brandon is headed down a path to becoming a statistic until he finds his way to the corporation and creates a life he would never have imagined.

Lena is a wellness and linguistics instructor at the corporation. A reserved and quiet young woman, who as a child was placed in a unique position to observe the habits of men and women.

After a few years in this job, Brandon has the opportunity to run the corporation, but is he up to the task of leadership? How will he perform under pressure when his past comes back looking to take all his hard work? What happens when you try to mix business with pleasure?

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Terrence A Reese

Terrence A Reese


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