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The Real Night Order Book

The Real Night Order Book

A Historical Summary of two of the U.S. Navy's Submarines called Billfish


G.J. Reed


Nonfiction, Education

Publish Date

May 31, 2022

Short Description

This book is a non-fiction, historical and educational account of two submarines called the USS Billfish. The first served in World War II and the second served during the Cold War. Readers wil learn the basics of submarine operation as well as the missions in which these two submarines were a part of.


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Have you ever been helped by an old guy wearing a military baseball cap at your local hardware store? Well, William B. Inglee Jr., was a clerk at a hardware store during the final eight years of his life, and probably few knew about what he endured while aboard the submarine called Billfish in World War II. If they had, they would have known that they were being helped by a true American hero.

Wars between countries, states and even tribes have been around as long as mankind has been around. For many who have lost loved ones during the course of these conflicts, it is not something to think about too often. However, it is indeed important to remember those who participated in them and to understand what they went through in support of their country.

This book is a non-fiction factual account of the time when a submarine called Billfish participated in a conflict known as World War II, and when another submarine with the same name participated in a conflict known as the Cold War. You will be reminded of the historical aspects of these two conflicts and gain an understanding of how these submarines helped in resolving each of them.

You will also learn a little about how submarines work and how the crew members lived aboard these amazing boats. Also included are excerpts from the actual “Real Night Order Book” that one of the crews maintained during a patrol in 1977.

For readers eager to learn more, references are provided to other books and internet content sites that contain information about submarines that played a role in World War II and the Cold War.

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G.J. Reed

G.J. Reed


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