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The Pig Wars

The Pig Wars

A Tale of the Half-Elven


M. K. Theodoratus


Fiction, Fantasy, Historical, Paranormal and Supernatural, Political thriller, Action and Adventure, Mythological, Teen and Young Adult

Publish Date

October 3, 2021

Short Description

Lady Renna hates the political infighting over who's going to rule the Marches, but her loathsome neighbor plots to control her lands and magic to win the fight to become ruler. Renna becomes a political pawn and must fight to save her life when forced to use forbidden elf-fire.


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The Winner

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Magic! Treachery! Violence!

Lady Renna thought the war was over. But a new enemy threatens her lands…

Magically powerful, Lady Renna of the Ren hates the infighting over who will rule the Marches. She’s glad to leave that to the other Half-Elven Powers to bicker over. She prefers to spend her time weaving. Unfortunately, her neighbor wants to use her to become king of the Half-Elven.

Lord Gorsfeld, a rich holder and port owner, craves power. He plots to leverage his odds by gaining control over Renna’s lands, but the lady isn’t easily persuaded. He is forced to resort to drastic measures when Renna refuses his suit.

Defending her people against Gorsfeld’s mauraders forces Renna to use forbidden elf-fire, a capital offense.

Can Renna survive a trial run by the bickering rivals for the crown? Can she save her pet pig when Black Tail's life is at stake?

5* Review: ”Given the medieval-looking society, it's totally believable for there to be tensions over a pig and a conniving lord who wants to take advantage of a neighboring lord's death. And of course messing with the dead lord's daughter is a mistake for all that she'd rather not be involved at all. Basically, I loved it."

5* Review: "First and foremost is Lady Renna and here Theodoratus has given us a protagonist who is refreshingly free of the genres clichés. There’s burgeoning romance, bravery and tragedy with these alone being reasons to pick up a copy and start reading”

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M. K. Theodoratus

M. K. Theodoratus


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