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The Perfect Sister

The Perfect Sister


Gail Meath


Fiction, Romance, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Publish Date

November 14, 2019

Short Description

When a beautiful socialite is murdered, her timid spinster sister must shed her fears and play a deadly game with corrupt politicians to prove the killer’s innocence.  Rochester, NY  1904


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Katherine Mansford knows her father wishes she had died instead of her sister. She wishes that too. Lorraine was perfect…beautiful, sophisticated and engaged to a prominent lawyer. But she told Katherine a secret before her death, one that forces her to do the unthinkable…lie to her father and the sheriff.

On the day of the funeral, Katherine escapes to her secluded cabin down the beach only to discover Michael Johnston, the accused killer – her sister’s lover - hiding there. He insists he's innocent and she begins to doubt his guilt; and her sister's innocence.

As Katherine ventures on her own to seek the truth about Lorraine, she and Michael are dragged into a dangerous and vicious plot against her father and the city.

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Gail Meath

Gail Meath


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