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The Other Man in Me

The Other Man in Me

Erotic Longing, Lust and Love: The Soul Calling


Sheldon Shalley


Nonfiction, Biography / Memoir, Self-Help, Body / Mind and Spirit

Publish Date

November 16, 2020

Short Description

The Other Man in Me is the story of one man's journey to understand his bi-sexuality and how to reconcile his two selves—the one attracted to women and the one attracted to men and the responsible husband, father, church and community leader and the one caught in brief same-sex encounters and affairs. Drawing from both personal and archetypal material presented in his dreams, fantasies, spontaneous images arising in meditation, his art and exploring same-sex motifs found in mythology and customs and rituals of some indigenous societies, The Other Man in Me tells the story of the discovery of the symbolic and spiritual meanings of same-sex attractions.


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Starting in the early 1970s and for the next 35 years, I kept a detailed journal of my dreams, fantasies, meditations, readings, studies and life events. In 2014 I read back through those journals and wove together this psycho-sexual-spiritual memoir of my journey. It was through that inner journey that I discovered another man living in my soul, thus the title. The Other Man in Me. This man connected me to the symbolic and spiritual meanings of not only my erotic longings and sexual attractions but to the meaning and purpose of my life. This Other Man introduced me to an ancient masculine as a Divine Light in nature. This sacred masculine is one with the feminine, not ruling over her, but co-equal with her--two spirits living in unity and harmony--co-creators in the dance of life.

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Sheldon Shalley

Sheldon Shalley


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