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The Oldest Enemy

The Oldest Enemy


Michael Jack Webb


Fiction, Paranormal and Supernatural, Thriller, Mystery, Suspense

Publish Date

August 14, 2014

Short Description

Spellbinding Supernatural Thriller From The Bestselling Author Of The Master's Quilt

Will Keep You Turning Pages Late Into The Night - But Keep the Lights On!


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David Lighthouse was once a hard-hitting investigative reporter for the Denver Post - before he was accused of the brutal murder of his fiancée and his life unraveled. Now, six years later, he’s once again the prime suspect in the murder of someone close to him. Beth Barkley’s body has been drained of all its blood, and there are two strange marks on her neck. David fights to clear his name even as disturbing clues at the crime scene reveal a haunting connection to his fiancée’s unsolved murder and estranged father’s secret past.


Drawn into a supernatural battle that has waged for centuries, David suddenly finds himself the target of sinister forces as he tracks down a conspiracy to release an ancient evil upon an unsuspecting world. Along with his father, the murdered girl’s sister, and a fierce Auschwitz survivor, David faces Hell itself to prove his innocence and stop a reclusive German billionaire from unleashing a worldwide holocaust.


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Michael Jack Webb

Michael Jack Webb


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