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The Obsession

The Obsession

The Truth Beauty Trilogy, Book 1


T. V. LoCicero


Fiction, Crime, Thriller

Publish Date

January 3, 2014

Short Description

In a vibrant story of suspense and murder, American grad student Stan falls for lovely Italian scholar Lina. As his unrequited passion turns perverse, he stalks her from a mid-west college town to Bologna’s ancient streets to a shocking conclusion on the volcanic slopes of Sicily’s Mt. Etna.

“…very exciting. I was hooked by the time I finished the first chapter. It is very well written, fast moving and suspenseful.”—Barbara Juhl

“…much closer to the works of Patricia Highsmith, especially the Ripley novels…a fun, stimulating and intellectually captivating tale.”—Robert Blumenthal


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The Obsession is a dark and edgy stalker romance filled with desire and deception and sparked by an erotic love triangle that shifts between the American Midwest and several legendary Italian locales. When Stan, an American grad student, falls for Lina, a lovely Italian scholar, his unrequited feelings become a perverse passion. When he stalks her from a mid-Michigan college town to Bologna’s ancient streets, they are joined by Lina’s American lover John, who is also Stan’s mentor. With jealousy and trust issues fueling fear and loathing, lies and lethal rage, these three brilliant academics match wits with their lives at stake as they flee and chase down the storied Italian boot to a shocking conclusion on beautiful slopes of volcanic Mt. Etna.


"This novel is 'packed' with everythingfrom international news...mystery, twists, love and complication,death, a stalker, and my favorite...visuals and enjoyment reading about placesin Italy. As for the ending...nope...I didn't figure it out!"--Elyse, Goodreads

"Alfred Hitchcock would have enjoyed directing this thriller about stalker Stan's psychopathy and victim Lina's plunge into fear, depression, and guilt. This is a novel that you either stay up all night to read or, like me, you'll have to walk away as the anxiety escalates, only to be called back by the need to know."--Irene B., Goodreads

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T. V. LoCicero

T. V. LoCicero


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