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The Multima Scheme

The Multima Scheme


Gary D. McGugan


Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Publish Date

April 5, 2018

Short Description

Can Multima Corporation withstand another attack from organized crime? While billionaire John George Mortimer copes with treatment for cancer, the accomplished CEO must also ward off challenges for control of his sprawling fictional American empire both from within the company and from nefarious powers operating outside the law.

The Multima Scheme is a fast-paced account of the lengths to which organized crime can infiltrate large global corporations and seize control of respected businesses to conceal activities that are both illegal and immoral but generate billions. It’s also a story of survival – how individuals and organizations might react under intense pressures and the ease with which people can cross lines between what’s legal and what’s not.


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The Multima Scheme
(Book 2 in the Multima Trilogy of Corporate Intrigue)
By: Gary D. McGugan
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
Publication: April 2018
ISBN: 978-1773706450
Reviewed by: Diane Lunsford Review Date: March 29, 2020

Gary D. McGugan ramps the adventure and intrigue up a notch with the second book in his Multima Trilogy, The Multima Scheme.

In the final pages of Book 1, Three Weeks Less a Day, we learned that Wendal Randall’s fall from grace was anything but graceful. That coming on the heels of John George Mortimer’s vision to take a breath, reset and perhaps set sights on opportunities that aren’t quite as volatile as what Randall and his band of thieves had in mind. Mortimer is on a trajectory of good health and with it comes the hope of a future filled with increased prosperity and a broader spectrum of what Multima can do for their loyal and valued client base.

We learn some interesting facts about one of Mortimer’s superstars, Suzanne Simpson, toward the end of book one that may give readers cause to interpret the obvious, but the outcome is far from predictable. James Fitzgerald, Mortimer’s trusted, loyal and faithful financial wizard is staring down retirement and already setting his sights on the retirement compound he and his wife Dianne have coveted in the wilderness of Minnesota. Unfortunately, that retirement is going to have to be put on hold for a little longer.

There’s a new expansion on what Multima can do financially not only for its employees, but loyal customers and none other than Fitzgerald will be tasked with the heavy lifting to make it a reality. Just when all roads are leading to success as a result of this new plan, the end destination of the journey is far from what the team had plans to deliver.

Gary McGugan has not only held onto the momentum he revved up in Book I (Three Weeks Less a Day), but he’s taken his audience for a drive on the Autobahn across the pages of The Multima Scheme. My experience when reviewing a series is to pay attention to the potential of predictable moments. There is nothing predictable about The Multima Scheme.

McGugan continues to accelerate the plot, enhance his characters and introduce some new villains to step in where the others have moved on. He knows how to spin a tale of sin, intrigue and greed and is a psychic wordsmith when it comes to knowing the exact moment to pull the rug out from underneath his audience with yet another superb scene set up.

If his audience thought crossing the finish line in Book I was epic, they better fasten their seatbelts and get ready for another thrilling ride to be had in The Multima Scheme. Bravo Mr. McGugan.

I am a fan and am thrilled with the momentum of this series!

Quill says: A lot did happen in Book 1, Three Weeks Less a Day. It pales in comparison to the ongoing intrigue in Book 2, The Multima Scheme!

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Gary D. McGugan

Gary D. McGugan


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