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The Merry Band

The Merry Band



Fantasy, Action and Adventure, Humor Fiction, Satire Fiction

Publish Date

August 2, 2021

Short Description

The sequel to The Disposable finds our heroes even deeper in trouble (literally). Non-stop action, adventure, and dry British humour make this series a must-read for fans of Terry Pratchett!


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The Winner

Book's Awards


The Taskmaster Strikes Back!


Fodder successfully rebelled against The Narrative once, but now everything’s going completely and horribly wrong.


It soon becomes apparent that his own companions are even more unstable than he realized, between Flirt’s suicidal rashness, Shoulders’ increasing desperation to keep his head attached to his body, Princess Pleasance’s unwillingness to speak, and Prince Dullard’s inability to shut up.


Unfortunately, Fodder has bigger problems, because the Taskmaster is finally getting serious. That means it’s not just the Heroes hunting Fodder anymore; there’s an entire pantheon of gods after him.


It’s too late to turn back, and Fodder wouldn’t even if he could. He’s determined to unveil the secret of the Quickening, even if it means saving the world while he's at it.

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