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The Land of the Purple Ring

The Land of the Purple Ring



Fantasy, Action and Adventure

Publish Date

May 5, 2020

Short Description

A clockwork man escapes slavery to Time and embarks on an adventure to find his imagination, his purpose, and his name.


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The Winner

Book's Awards


Immeasurable imagination. Unmitigated magic. Spectacular style.


The clockwork man is crafted, to begin with—his father forced by that terrible tyrant Time to create her a slave for all eternity. His brain boasts balance wheels and torsion springs; he can wind himself up with a key in his side; and, most importantly, his gyroscopic tourbillon heart glimmers with pure diamond.

He is a living being and he is art, and he refuses to remain a slave forever. He therefore slips through Time’s fingers as the Sands of Time slip through the cracks of reality (at least, when the time cats aren’t using them as a litter box).

Among astounding adventures, despite harrowing hardships, and in between escaping interfering enchanters, the clockwork man seeks his imagination, his purpose, and his name.

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