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The Killing Moon

The Killing Moon


Stephen Knight


Fiction, Crime, Horror, Police / Detective, Thriller

Publish Date

August 19, 2021

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Adrian Ashley-Thornhill. Calm. Collective. Psychotic. Owner of several businesses by the age of twenty-seven. Lives as a recluse in a mansion on the outskirts of Plymouth. His inner self worships the Moon and it had made him the way he is. Thinking that he was guaranteed a rebirth at the end of his current life he sacrifices young people to the Moon Gods, decapitating their bodies whilst they were awake. Pure mutilation.

Detective Inspector Carter. Calm. Collective. Expert in his field of detection. Leader. This time he was going to be tested to the limit and was relying on his experience as a Detective to catch the unknown killer. All he needs is the killer to make a mistake. All he needs is help.

Alex Caldwell. Criminal Psychologist. Intelligent. Perseverant. Capable of thinking just as the killer does. As usual he needs to think one step ahead. It is easier said than done. Will he succeed?

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Stephen Knight

Stephen Knight


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