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The Green Line Divide

The Green Line Divide

Romance, Travel, and Turmoils.


Z Vally


Humor Fiction, Military / War, Contemporary, Romance, Action and Adventure, Fiction

Publish Date

January 15, 2015

Short Description

Romantic, travel and military fiction based in two Mediterranean islands of Cyprus and Rhodes Island, in Europe. Fun, endearing, informative and fast paced. Feisty Alexis meets a svelte Swedish United Nations Officer. Surprises awaits you!


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Movie Assessment which describes the story. 

Yes, there is a message. Hard work produces results. It can be accomplished if one is determined and strives for it. This is what Alexis does after she fails her exams. Sven too makes an effort towards his relationship with Alexis. Andreas is a mini version of Danny DeVito and Alexis is a mini version of Erin Brockovich. Sven is a bit reserved due to his respectable role as a United Nations officer. He is a bit like Richard Gere at home with Julia Roberts, in Pretty Woman.

The employments would create the most amusements for the audience. An Italian diplomat who did not speak English forces Alexis to become an expert at miming. Dodgy George interviews Alexis in a car at night. He later is shown on the TV news as a rapist. A daft babysitter makes an appointment with Alexis, thinking Alexis was advertising as an employer! A German eco warrior is on a mental warpath with the chemical industries; singing Susan who was an animal and bird enthusiast sang at her feathered and furry friends. It has not all been all fun loving with this story. On Troodos Mountains, Sven came across his ex-girlfriend and this nearly broke off the relationship with Alexis. 

This story would work as a movie if made into a fast paced semi-musical, like Mama Mia, or Sound of Music which has domestic duties too. Some real Island sights interwoven with romance, humour and turmoils would create a buzz. This is why it should be adapted for a movie. It will be a movie that will keep one wanting to find out “what and where travelling next to?"

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Z Vally

Z Vally


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