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The Gallucci Gallery

The Gallucci Gallery



Fiction, Crime, Action and Adventure, Mystery, Psychological, Suspense, Thriller, Urban

Publish Date

October 21, 2021

Short Description

In the absorbing psychological thriller, The Gallucci Gallery by K.B. Richards, an accomplished gallery owner faces her traumatic past while being pursued by ruthless criminals. Biana must embrace her other personalities to get her children back.


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Diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder, Bianca attempts to rescue her kidnapped children while being hunted for a murder she did or didn't commit.

Bianca Gallucci is enjoying her life when a mysterious man named Pascal shows up at her gallery, leaving a puzzling gift. Days later, she is confronted and asked to return a stolen painting, The Sea of Galilee to its rightful owner. Bianca denies all involvement before her children’s lives is threatened. And that’s when her other personality surfaces.

She plans an escape, dismissing all warnings before her children are abducted. Pascal forces her to comply but has more demands. He wants her to kill someone in they both know in law enforcement.

A web of lies and deceit surfaces as she embraces her split personality to unveil the truth behind the twisted plot orchestrated by the people she least expected. How does she get her children back while being hunted by the authorities for allegedly murdering a police officer? Which personality is possibly guilty?

The Gallucci Gallery is by any means a unique and jaw-dropping rollercoaster of a novel.

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