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The Factory Girl and the Fey

The Factory Girl and the Fey


Nadine Galinsky Feldman


Fiction, Fantasy, Historical, Paranormal and Supernatural, Romance, Women

Publish Date

October 14, 2021

Short Description

A historical fantasy about love, magic, and impossible choices


The Winner

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Jane Thorburn straddles two worlds: her life as a “factory girl” in Scotland’s mills, and her birthright as fairy royalty. Abandoned by her parents as an infant, and uncertain about the true motives of the Fey, she learns to depend only on herself. All she wants is to be a great weaver and to maintain her independence.

The Fair Folk, fighting for their very survival, have other plans for her, as does the handsome and charismatic Robert Stein. What life will she choose? And will she even have a choice?


A historical fantasy inspired by the author’s ancestors, The Factory Girl and the Fey is an affectionate tribute to the women who helped fuel Scotland’s Industrial Age, from the workers to the poets…and to the Fey who remind us that magic is real when we believe in it.


NOTE: Due to mature themes, this book is intended for adult women.



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Nadine Galinsky Feldman

Nadine Galinsky Feldman


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