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The Disposable

The Disposable



Fantasy, Action and Adventure, Humor Fiction, Satire Fiction

Publish Date

April 1, 2020

Short Description

What happens when minor characters who get killed for a living grow tired of their sorry lot in life? They stage an uprising against the ruler/author of their world! (British humour at its finest!)


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Fodder of Humble Village is sick and tired of getting speared, decapitated, and disembowelled every day.


In fact, he’s not going to take it anymore. No matter what The Narrative, which must be obeyed, tries to make him do.

Everyone in the Taskmaster’s Realm knows how the story goes: the boy of destiny goes on a quest, defeats the dark lord, and gets the swooning princess. It’s a great story, if you happen to be a knight or a wizard or a hero. But it’s pretty odious if you’re Ordinary: a barmaid who has to inflate her bosom and have her backside pinched, a homely prince who can’t buckle his swash because his face doesn’t fit, or a soldier who gets killed over and over and over again just to progress the plot.

Tired of being a member of the Ordinary soldier trope, Fodder convinces his fellow soldiers and Ordinaries to mount a coup to defy the Taskmaster, overturn the Plot, and become the hero he’s always dreamed of being.

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