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The Disappearance

The Disappearance

The Truth Beauty Trilogy, Book 2


T. V. LoCicero


Fiction, Crime, Thriller

Publish Date

July 2, 2012

Short Description

The dark, edgy saga continues in Geneva, where Lina is caught up in the shadowy world of Swiss banking. Schemes of betrayal and murder surface when her friend Clara disappears, and she joins Clara’s lover Marc in a desperate search that takes them from Switzerland to Italy to a quiet Bahamian island.

“ intriguing and cleverly plotted thriller”­—Christoph Fischer

“Another fabulous thriller…a maelstrom of fraud, fear, danger, betrayal and death.”—Rosemary Standeven & Noble


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In Book 2 of The Truth Beauty Trilogy, the dark, edgy saga continues. The Disappearance is a transatlantic romance riddled with secrets and deception, a tale that travels from Switzerland to Italy, from Holland to the Bahamas. In Geneva, lovely Italian scholar Lina Lentini is caught up in the shadow world of Swiss banking. Schemes of fraud and murder in cold blood begin to surface when her friend Clara, a bank employee, disappears. Betrayed by a trusted superior, Clara is on the run, but when her African American lover Marc joins in a desperate search with Lina, they trace her movements to Italy, yet continue to find only mysteries. Then a suspicious email claims Clara is being held on a quiet island in the Bahamas. There Mark and Lina make shocking discoveries that will soon change the lives of everyone involved.

“…an intriguing and cleverly plotted thriller… a complex net of lies, cover-ups and diversions… far from obvious or predictable.”—Christoph Fischer, author of The Luck of the Weissensteiners

“…just as beautifully written as the first. The character's are well developed and believable, the plot is fast-paced and full of unexpected turns, and the ending will leave you impatient for the third installment of this trilogy.”—Comic Book Nerd, Amazon Reviewer

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T. V. LoCicero

T. V. LoCicero


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