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The Detail

The Detail


Dana Wayne


Fiction, Crime, Contemporary, Police / Detective, Suspense, Romance, Thriller

Publish Date

November 3, 2021

Short Description

How far will a killer go for revenge?

Detective Jessica Foster’s world is organized chaos as she hunts a killer, juggles a heavy caseload, and forbidden feelings for her partner, Seth Hamilton.

But are those feelings one-sided?

When their suspect is arrested in Denver, the detail is simple - bring him back to Texas. Until a disastrous turn of events changes everything and a ruthless killer escape with one thing on his mind - Revenge.


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Detective Jessica Foster is exhausted. She’s spent months hunting a crazed killer while juggling a caseload that never ends, her unpredictable family, and forbidden feelings for her partner, Seth Hamilton. When the suspect she sought is finally captured near Denver, she and Seth must bring him back to Texas for trial. She dreads the long drive because it means close proximity to the man who haunts her dreams and makes her long for things she can never have.

Seth has known for some time that Jess is the one for him. Instinct tells him the feelings are mutual, but she never lets her guard down. Undeterred, he vows to use the prolonged road trip to get beyond those barriers and uncover the truth.

Until a disastrous turn of events changes everything.

Now a ruthless killer bent on revenge targets Jess, and his thirst for vengeance will How only be


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Dana Wayne

Dana Wayne


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