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The Dating Game

The Dating Game


Sandy Barker


Fiction, Humor Fiction, Romance, Women, Contemporary

Publish Date

September 10, 2021

Short Description

Once upon a time, 12 women joined the hottest reality TV show looking for love. Except 1 had a secret identity...


Meet Abby Jones, writer of recaps and secret contestant on The Stag, and a madcap cast of fabulous characters for this LOL romcom set in the world of reality TV.


Will Abby find true love among the fakery of the show's 'reality'?


The Winner

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Abby Jones has a secret identity …


While her dream is to be an investigative journalist, in her ‘day job’ she is the Anastasia Blabbergasted, Queen of Snark and illustrious recapper of British reality television shows for online magazine, Feed Your Mind. When a recap of reality dating show, The Stag, goes viral, the show’s producers practically insist that she joins next season’s cast, undercover as a Doe – won’t that make her recaps all the spicier! Abby’s editor is all for the idea, but Abby can’t think of anything worse – even though next season is filming in Sydney!


That is until Abby meets gorgeous Australian, Jack – rescuer from murderous elevator doors and the producer of the show. With the opportunity to write a juicy tell-all and perhaps break out of recapping once and for all, a free trip to Sydney, and (let’s face it) more time with the gorgeous Aussie, Abby looks on the bright side, donning a whole new persona as ‘Doe Abby’.


The adventure (really) begins in Sydney when Abby meets the rest of the cast – eleven other Does and Daniel, the Stag – while failing miserably to keep her crush on Jack in check. Lots of madcap fun and romantic adventures ensure – all with the backdrop of one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

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Sandy Barker

Sandy Barker


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