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The Cosmic Turkey

The Cosmic Turkey



Science Fiction, Humor Fiction, Action and Adventure

Publish Date

August 4, 2020

Short Description

A hilarious romp through the galaxy with a crew of misfits, a sulky computer, and a dilapidated, turkey-shaped ship. They must rescue an Earth doctor trapped on Pluto, where chocolate is banned - and that's only the icing on the cake!


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Technology Hates Janet


After she accidentally smashes a floatcar through City Hall, the bureautopia sentences Janet to captaining the starship S.S. Turkey, and its misfit crew. Her mission: to boldly rescue a prisoner from the one corner of the universe colder than her ex-boyfriend’s heart—Pluto. Which, aside from not even being a real planet, is the one place in the universe where chocolate is illegal.

In between studying The Space-Faring Moron’s Guide to Common Science Fiction Plot Devices, falling for a rival captain’s boyfriend, and avoiding unnecessary time travel, Janet has a chance to save two worlds . . . or doom them to permanent chocolatelessness.

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