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The Body in the Building

The Body in the Building


Jane Stockwell


Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Publish Date

March 30, 2020

Short Description

Natalie Shaw's busy yet uneventful life as lead architect for a new shopping mall gets turned upside down when she discovers a body in the basement of the building she designed. Who is he, and why did he leave her a note?


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Natalie Shaw is back and trouble has found her again. As lead architect on a new shopping mall, Nat is trying to discover why there is water is seeping into the basement of the building she designed. However, when investigating the cause, she discovers the body of a man, along with a note addressed to her.

She finds herself in danger and accused of both murder and fraud. Who is the man and who killed him? Why did he leave her a note? Why can’t she just have a quiet night in front of the TV like everyone else? Nat must find the answers to these questions before she ends up in jail, or worse.

Join Nat in her new adventure that follows on from “The Map in the Fortune Cookie!”

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Jane Stockwell

Jane Stockwell


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