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The bigger they are, the hardin they fall

The bigger they are, the hardin they fall

Hardin Hollow Book 2


D. Larry Patterson



Publish Date

September 5, 2014

Short Description

The Hardin Hollow series features Newton County Arkansas Deputy Sheriff Billie, Jean Hardin.


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The book opens with Billie Jean a Cadet at West Point in the spring of her Plebe year. Another Cadet, Brent Covington Pemberton-Smyth III (AKA Trey), attacks and attempts to rape her. However, although he is the bulked-up super-jock star quarterback of the Army football team, he is no match for sniper-trained little Billie Jean, and as she is prone to doing, she fiercely defends herself, kicks his ass inflicting a concussion, multiple broken bones, and a long stay in the hospital upon him. Unfortunately for Billie Jean, Trey’s father is a wealthy, influential U.S. Senator, and a well-connected West Point graduate, and having his son’s ass waxed by a little hillbilly girl from Arkansas did not sit well with him. Therefore, despite the fact that she was the victim, the Senator’s wealth and power prevailed and the blame was shifted to her. Billie Jean was forced to leave the Point and was discharged from the Army.

After returning to Hardin Hollow for only a few days, Billie Jean traveled to Colorado and ran afoul of the Rocky Mountain Militia and Pendejos motorcycle gang. The result: more blood flowed, body counts built, shit blew up, and maniacal mayhem ensued before she was able to settle the score and once again return to her bucolic life in Hardin Hollow, resume her pursuit of a degree at North Arkansas College in nearby Harrison, and become a Reserve Newton County, Deputy Sheriff.

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D. Larry Patterson

D. Larry Patterson


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