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The Baby Girl Conspiracy

The Baby Girl Conspiracy


Juanita Tischendorf


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Crime, Mystery, Suspense, Women

Publish Date

July 27, 2022

Short Description

When Naomi Langston was ten she came across newspaper articles in the attic that tipped her world sideways. When she approved her mother, asking about the articles, she told her to forget it. It was from that point Naomi wondered if she was a Langston. By the time she reached her teenage years, her mind was busy on teenage problems, putting the issue aside until later in life when she began wondering, who she really was.


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On March 17, 1975, Naomi Langston was born at the Genesee Hospital and on that day, she was abducted right out of her mother's arms by a woman posing as a nurse.

Her parents, Sophia and Jonah Langston thought their prayers had been answered when on July 3, 1978, an abandoned toddler was found in Jamestown, New York that matched the age their missing baby, Naomi would be. The elated couple met the toddler and took her home to Irondequoit, New York.

As fate would have it, the Genesee Hospital was where the family’s medical records were kept since Sophia herself was a little girl, but on May 21st, 2001, when the last patient was discharged the doors of the hospital closed forever, locking many secrets away.

One day, on a hunt for Christmas presents in the attic of their home, Naomi found a box of old newspaper clippings. Curious, she sat down and began reading snatches of the article that told of a baby being stolen from the arms of her mother on the day of her birth. Further down, the article contained a picture of the grieving parents.

Naomi gasped; her body fell backwards on her bended legs as her heart skipped a beat. Time seemed to slow as she stared down at the picture in astonishment. There was no doubt the picture was of her parents, Sophia, and Jonah Langston.

Her journey to answer that question would lead to suspense, mystery, death, loss and love.

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Juanita Tischendorf

Juanita Tischendorf


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