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The Accidental Boyfriend

The Accidental Boyfriend

A YA Romance


Lori Freeland


Teen and Young Adult, Contemporary, Fiction, Romance, Drama

Publish Date

April 15, 2023

Short Description

After TV heartthrob Gabe unknowingly hijacks shy Jess’s first kiss, he decides she’ll be the perfect decoy for the press. If he can convince her to play his girlfriend of the week. Keeping the impossible promise he made to his mom depends on it. Only Jess isn’t about to fangirl over him or his Hollywood ego.



The Winner

Book's Awards


Jess is everything Gabe wants.

Gabe is everything Jess doesn’t know she needs.

Some accidents were meant to be.


Gabe isn't a werewolf. He just plays one on TV. Jess isn't a guy magnet. She just writes teen romance. TV heartthrob Gabriel Wade has never met a party he couldn't rock, a problem he couldn't dodge, or a crowd he couldn't play. Homeschooled Jessica Thorne has never met a party she couldn't wallflower, a problem she couldn't stress over, or a crowd she couldn't escape. But they both know what it's like to lose someone . . . someone who's still here.

After a hotel escalator dumps Jess into Gabe's spotlight and he unknowingly hijacks her first kiss, he decides she'll be the perfect decoy for the paparazzi. If he can convince her to play his "girlfriend of the week."


Except Jess isn’t about to be anyone’s fangirl and wants nothing to do with TV's Hottest Hairball or his Hollywood ego. And by the time she figures out he isn't who she thought, it might be too late to say she needs him as much as he needs her. Even if he wants her for real.

More than just a romance, The Accidental Boyfriend is the story of what happens when two people from very different worlds are thrown together only to discover they’re both struggling to figure out who they are and how to navigate a loss they didn’t plan.

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Lori Freeland

Lori Freeland


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