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Tales From the Couch

Tales From the Couch

Healing, Humor, and Finding Hope


Tracy Riley


Nonfiction, Biography / Memoir, Body / Mind and Spirit, Health and Fitness, Self-Help, Humor, Parenting, Family and Relationships

Publish Date

August 1, 2020

Short Description

Life is full of challenges and obstacles. Each individual has faced their own set of struggles as they make the journey on the pathway of life. Many have turned to therapy to release the pain and anguish that have entered into their world.


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Therapy isn’t just an option to consider when you are experiencing difficult times (which we all do). In essence, therapy is about enhancing the quality of our lives. The truth is that all of us face issues in one way or the other. If left unchecked, these issues can culminate into a condition which may be exceedingly difficult to address later on.

The author speaks candidly and inserts her southern charm to shed light on the role of therapy and how beneficial it is. She is passionate in sharing her experiences through her research, conducting interviews and seeing thousands of people.

This book is a wonderful collection of blogs, blurbs, and anecdotes of things she has seen in her career. Ingeniously, she relates therapy as a form of mental relaxation where clients can share their darkest problems and know they will receive the support and encouragement to find their strength to get past what is haunting them.

Dr. Riley doesn’t always tell you want what you want to hear, but she will tell you what you need to hear.

At the core, therapy is like talking to a compassionate and competent friend, one you can trust to help you make positive breakthroughs in whatever difficult circumstances you may be experiencing.

In this wonderful book, you’ll discover:
•What is therapy, how it helps, and how to determine when you need it
•Therapy as a means to living a beautiful life—that you so deserve
•How a therapist can make a difference in your life
•Some multi-faceted reasons to see a therapist and how to choose the right one for you
•Inspiration from others who have journeyed before you
•Eleven rules to live by to ensure your best life yet.
….. And much more!

Through this book, Dr. Riley delivers the message of hope that no matter how bad your life or your situation gets, you can turn things around. By sharing her own life so openly and meeting the people through the years, she has found golden nuggets of wisdom and inspiration which she wants to share with you.

At its core, this book is about living more fully, finding happiness as we go along, and seek healing when the going gets tough.

Get ready to gain a fresh new perspective on how to live your best life. You deserve it. (Yes, you really do). Tales From The Couch is filled with hope and encouragement that will allow you to gain the confidence needed to navigate this world. It has the power to open your eyes to see therapy as a wonderful solution and a way to heal yourself.

Dr. Tracy Riley is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and an expert in working with individuals, couples and even celebrities. Dr. Riley is a worldwide leader in Mental Health, a best-selling author, and national speaker. She has dedicated her career to building better families and teaching others to feel empowered. She has a private practice in both Florida and New York.

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Tracy Riley

Tracy Riley


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