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Summerbird Rises

Summerbird Rises

Book 1, An Act of Entreaty


Debi Ennis Binder


Fiction, Fantasy

Publish Date

September 23, 2016

Short Description

Summerbird is an inept seer in a realm where using magic is a death-evoking crime. When a griffin from a forbidden. magical realm appears, telling her she’s bound by a blood-oath to help him, he offers a tempting enticement to a young woman desperate to find her lost life- Do you want to learn your magic? What she finds is far more than she ever dreamed her life could be—and not all of it is pleasant.


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Summerbird Asii has always been an inept seer; why try to deny it? She’s spent her young life hiding her fractured magic in Isterr, where magic will get you a death sentence faster than any crime. When a gruff, wheedling griffin appears in her cottage, she’s terrified. He tells her she is blood oath-bound to perform a task for him—rescue highborn Fey with compromised magic. What? No. She wants no part in his scheme. He might be the size of her cat, but he’s a magical creature from forbidden Emythor, a magical land where she was born. Dumped in Isterr as a child, she hates Emythor, no matter how much she yearns to live there. The griffin’s story intrigues her. Though the evil sorcerer who captured the highborn sounds frightening—what’s in it for her? Can she stay in Emythor if she succeeds? Does she have a choice? She doesn’t. But as the griffin leaves her to decide, his parting words are an irresistible lure to a young woman desperate to learn of her stolen life— “would you like to learn your magic?” Summerbird Rises begins the tale of a young seer, whose ultimate talent is her appalling inability to see the future or work magic. Her lack of talent is actually goddess-sent, as the last thing she wants is the heavily armed men who enforce the ‘no-magic’ law to catch and jail or even execute her. When a gruff griffin takes her back to Emythor, her life will never be the same. The griffin’s intriguing words set her on a path to learning who—and what—she really is, and what life-changing secrets have been hidden from her. Why was she left in a cold-bloodedly non-magical world with a well-used green-crystal ball, remembering only the words, “This is your legacy. Forget whatever you see in it.”

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Debi Ennis Binder

Debi Ennis Binder


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