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Steps Forward

Steps Forward

Based on a True Story


Christina Fanelli


Fiction, Drama, Medical, Psychological, Suspense, Women, Teen and Young Adult

Publish Date

November 26, 2022

Short Description

An inspirational novel about epilepsy to help youth know they are not along for how they feel and for a parents to understand epilepsy and why the child does what they do.


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Rosa Santori hates being told what to do, mostly because she has been forced to base her life around limitations. Now she faces a fight for survival after a car accident that has changed her plans for the future.

Laura Falifax, a psychology intern at Remington Hospital, has a lot to learn from her first assignment, but her husband resents her recent success and campaigns against it. He hopes to see her fail and remain in their sheltered life.

Kind and gentle Laura meets rebellious Rosa in a place where struggle becomes inspiration and motivation to change. Can the stern and the compassionate work together, or will life’s obstacles block their opportunities to grow?

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Christina Fanelli

Christina Fanelli


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