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Star Rider and Bonds of Love

Star Rider and Bonds of Love

A Sci-Fi Space Opera with a touch of Fantasy


Heidi Skarie


Fiction, Science Fiction

Publish Date

April 1, 2021

Short Description

Toemeka wants peace . . . but Condor, the universe’s most powerful world-conqueror, wants her dead.


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Toemeka resigns as a Coalition operative during an interplanetary war, to live peacefully with her warrior-priest husband, Michio. Her plans are shattered when she’s abducted by one of Condor’s sorcerers, who’s interested in twisting her unique abilities to increase his own dark powers.

Michio is devastated and searches the galaxy to find her. But time is running out for them—as well as the free world they’ve dedicated their lives to protecting.

After the sorcerer-conqueror Condor destroys Coalition headquarters, he turns to annihilating Toemeka and Michio’s home planet.

Will Michio rescue Toemeka in time for both of them to use their mystical powers to save their world? Or will their attempts ultimately lead to their deaths?

Star Rider and Bonds of Love is the exciting third book in the Star Rider sci-fi space opera series. If you like feisty heroines, strong heroes, high-tech weapons and space battles, then you’ll love Heidi Skarie’s new thrilling saga.

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Heidi Skarie

Heidi Skarie


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