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Book 2 of the Asunder Trilogy


Curt Locklear


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Military / War, Historical, Romance, Western

Publish Date

September 19, 2017

Short Description

The second book in the Asunder trilogy begins with a bang and keeps getting more intense. In the opening, President Lincoln and his wife are at the deathbed of their son, Willie. The action never lets up.

All the superbly memorable characters from the first book return, plus some highly intriguing new ones - Texas horse wranglers, The McGavin brothers, They must fight Comanche raiders, and face tronadoes and swollen rivers and evern quicksand. The course of their lives intermingles with the main charcters.

Cyntha Favor, Constance Carver, and Josiah Reynolds attempt a dangerous escape from the cluthces of the army.

Joseph Favor, still suffering from amnesia, fights for his life. Will he survive the battles? Minnesota banker, Anthony Favor, is wanted for bank robbery. He has found new treasure. He meets with General Ben McCulloch, who has troubles of his own.

Sara, the demure farmgirl and talented horsewoman, is chased by marauders and must defend a family of Cherokees. She searches for the man she loves - Joseph Favor.

Abram, the intrepid slave, gains his freedom and ends up in the midst of the most important characters of the Civil War.

Discover what is the secret plan Lucas and Workman have as they weave thir way toward Washingotn and Richmond.


The Winner

Book's Awards


SPLINTERED is the award-winning historical novel that features an exciting cast of characters, all of them highly memorable. The story is set against eh backdrop fo the Civil War and explores the different beliefs shared by those fighting in the war, and even why should they fight. It is a character-driven that starts with a bang and continues to escalate from one monumental conflict to the next. Intelligently plotted and execture with mastery with powerful historical references. The book is filled with diverse characters, some who would kill someone at the drop of a hat. Others will make you cry with sorrow and, sometimes, joy.

Acclaimed for its exquisitely beautiful writing that puts the reader right in the middle of the action, the romance, the suspense, the loss, and the victory.

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Curt Locklear

Curt Locklear


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