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Spike and Spud, The Spaceboys

Spike and Spud, The Spaceboys


K.A. Mulenga


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Children's Books

Publish Date

November 23, 2020

Short Description

1. This is for younger children(ages 2-5) and is about 2 friends , Spike and Spud who go on an adventure through the Milky Way


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Spike and Spud are spaceboys, ready to launch their rocket into space for the very first time! Everybody is so excited to cheer them on as they prepare for lift-off!

Can the spaceboys blast their way right up into outer space? Will they be able to whizz past all the planets in the solar system, the way they have planned to? Join the two friends on this fantastic trip and learn all about the super solar system while you’re at it!

Let’s face it, have you ever met a child who is notfascinated by the solar system? Me neither! That’s because they don’t exist. This charming rhyming story can be used to help your child (or children!) remember the order of the other planets in the solar system in relation to Earth, in a fun and relatable way, while appealing to their sense of adventure.

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K.A. Mulenga

K.A. Mulenga


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