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Shannon Simpson


Fiction, Teen and Young Adult

Publish Date

July 11, 2018

Short Description

I always knew I'd die on my 500th birthday. Alone.

Then Aidan Crane turned my world upside down.

Being a witch I could kill him with an errant thought.

Being a vampire, he could lose control and drain me.

Can our love overcome any obstacle?



The Winner

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Ashlie, a very powerful slow-aging witch, prefers to keep to herself. Save for her dog, Netter and her mind-reading ghost BFF, Stephenie, she lives a lonely existence. Ashlie longs for love but fears it at the same time. Her ever-growing powers are controlled by her emotions. What if she were kissing an unsuspecting boy and set him on fire? What if she froze him as they walked across the street and he was hit by a car? Thoughts like these plague her. She has resigned herself to a lonely life.

            Aidan Crane has no memory of his life before he became a vampire. He goes through life existing with no hope to find love. The moment he sees Ashlie he knows there is something different about her. She glows.

            Try as they might, they can't ignore their attraction. Again and again, obstacles are thrown in their path. Are the Fates trying to show them they don't belong together? With the help of Ashlie's newfound friend-Ericka, her ghost best friend-Stephenie, and a long-dead historical figure-Alexander, the unlikely pair search for a way to be together.

            Between resurrected loved ones, danger lurking around the bend, and unexpected side effects will Ashlie make the ultimate sacrifice for love?

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Shannon Simpson

Shannon Simpson


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