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Solid Heart

Solid Heart

Book 7 of Unseen Enemy series


Marysol James


Fiction, Erotic, Romance

Publish Date

October 11, 2015

Short Description

Sexy military men


The Winner

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Five years ago, Doctor Francine Cabot left Canada, looking for a new start. She moved to Denver, and she now dedicates her life to helping women and children move beyond trauma that they’ve suffered at the hands of men. She’s smart, and strong, and has more than a hint of sass – and all of that makes her undeniably attractive to two men. One is safe and steady; the other one most definitely is not.

Mark Hayden is a former trauma doctor, former battle surgeon, now a bodyguard and Number Two at Solid Security. He’s dedicated his life to protecting and helping others, and he makes it his mission to step in between danger and anyone threatened by it. He’s interested in Francine – every inch of his muscular, hulking frame is interested – but she’s in someone else’s sights, too. Someone not nearly as safe as Mark, someone who wishes her serious harm.

When Francine disappears in to a blizzard, taken by a man that she helped to put in jail years before, Mark’s instinct is to find her at all costs. As Mark races against time, his search for the woman that he loves will mean pushing his boundaries, both personal and professional. If he blows past those boundaries, and he takes a life out of revenge and rage, will he be able to come back to himself? And if that lonely mountain cabin becomes Francine’s final resting place, will he even care if he never comes back?

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Marysol James

Marysol James


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