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Sleepy Time for Captain Eris

Sleepy Time for Captain Eris


Margret A Treiber


Science Fiction, Fiction

Publish Date

July 30, 2021

Short Description

Captain Eris, AKA Death Engine, former military DNA tweak and mercenary is unexpectedly pulled out of her retirement in Champion Acres and dragged back into the shit by an idiot in a mech suit.

Feeling pissed off and miserable about losing her retirement lifestyle and subsequently, her chances of dying of old age; she searches for the reasons why she was reactivated. With the help of her old friend Al, an incognito artificial intelligence; and Om, a twenty-something emo tweak-girl, she discovers a plot that goes a lot deeper than losing her death. And in doing so, she finds a reason to survive.


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Some reviews:


Sean Benham

5.0 out of 5 stars ... Treiber's 'Sleepy Time For Captain Eris' is a remarkably fun superhero yarn

Margret Treiber's 'Sleepy Time For Captain Eris' is a remarkably fun superhero yarn.

The titular Captain Eris is cursed with the inability to stay dead, and with each subsequent death, she gains a new set of powers linked to the manner in which she was killed. It's a clever setup and one that is used in an intelligent manner. Set in the not too distant future in which Earth's population is rapidly emigrating to outer colonies, Eris is called back into action for another mission - this time with a young and hopelessly inexperienced team. Without spoiling the plot too much, things do not go nearly as planned.

Intriguing from the start and satisfying to the end, this novel features strong characters with even stronger voices. The action is punchy and a breeze to follow, though a word of warning, some readers may find certain scenes a little hard to stomach. Eris dies A LOT, and always in a fresh inventive manner.

Highly recommended for fans of clever superhero tales.


Peter Fratesi

5.0 out of 5 stars her best friend is an advanced robot

Author Margret Treiber’s Sleepy Time For Captain Eris is an intriguing superhero/sci-fi story. Treiber transports the reader to an earth that has degenerated into a suffering, economically depressed world exploited by a group of white collar criminals. A superhero trio led by Captain Eris has taken on the quest of eliminating this oligarchy, leading to many unexpected adventures and a surprising conclusion.

Eris is a valiant but tragic figure who suffers many deaths at the hands of ruthless villains but who returns to life each time with a different superpower, in a seemingly endless cycle of death and regeneration. Alienated from the world, her best friend is an advanced robot.

The story is told with a refreshingly simple, uncluttered writing style with punchy and raunchy dialogue. There are some choice one-liners, e.g. “Life is a bitch and then you become one.”


Ed E. Morawski


4.0 out of 5 stars A Refreshing Take on a Superhero

I've never been especially enamored with superheroes. A few are interesting at first but ultimately go nowhere and quickly become boring to me. Well this book actually is different and has a shot at staying power because the possibilities are almost endless. You see, the main character Captain Eris has a pretty unique superpower - she can't be killed!

Oh she dies alright, but immediately regenerates to live and fight again. In the process she suffers the actual pain of whatever caused her 'death' and the regeneration. I felt some of her 'deaths' were too over the top and not for the squeamish - hence the lower rating than I would otherwise have granted. So be warned, the level of violence against this woman is quite high.

On the plus side Eris would be unique as a main character even without her powers - she's a middle aged woman who looks much younger because of her regeneration. She's mad at the world for what's been done to her. She longs to actually die and stay dead. And she's in love with a robot with artificial intelligence. There's just no other superhero like this.

Hopefully the author will send Captain Eris on some amazing future adventures without going super gross on the violence.


James Alexander

4.0 out of 5 stars Not your typical Superhero Story!

Margret A. Treiber’s Sleepy Time for Captain Eris was an interesting take on superheroes. Set in the future, Captain Eris is the result of genetic modification. Her power is the ability to come back from death and in part of doing so, inherits different abilities to protect her from what killed her in the first place.

Unlike traditional super hero stories, Sleepy Time for Captain Eris is no campy story. There is a good amount of blood, gore, and violence. While others may be offended by this, I think there are necessary components to help tell the story and move it forward. I appreciate the author not detracting from the story she wants to tell for fear of bothering others appetites for watered down material.

Set as first person, much of the story is filled with sassy dialogue and the characters picking on each other. While I found the interactions fun, at times I felt like I wanted more detail in the story. There seems to be a fine line of too much detail or too little. In this story’s case, I felt it bordered on the too little detail category.

All in all, I think this was a fun read and I hope the author continues delving into Captain Eris’ adventures!

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Margret A Treiber

Margret A Treiber


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