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Sleeper by T.J. Hawkins

Sleeper by T.J. Hawkins



Fiction, Action and Adventure, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Publish Date

May 19, 2022

Short Description

With action-packed, nail-biting sequences, Sleeper by T.J. Hawkins is an exciting techno-thriller, mystery novel with surprising plot twists that will keep readers at the edge of their seats from start to finish.   Sleeper is a fast-paced, exceptionally researched portrayal of the tragedies that can create home-grown terrorists and the exceptional bravery of the people who protect against them.


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Tom Rivers is a middle aged professional with a wife and two daughters and has a comfortable, if somewhat unremarkable, life. Or so he thinks. During a business trip to London he discovers that he is instead, a genetically superior and highly trained MI5 agent who has been kept in a sleeper state for the past twenty five years and is now expected to save his country from catastrophe.


A terrorist cell has developed a weapon so devastating that it could send Britain back to the Dark Ages and, at the same time, cost thousands of innocent lives. Their leader, a charismatic and extrovert psychopath, has carefully planned his attack on the capital with America in mind as his next target. Except, there was one element he hadn’t predicted – Tom Rivers as his nemesis. The game of cat and mouse races across London as Tom and his team try to stop the terrorists in time and before the threat of nuclear war becomes a reality. But there are also other sinister forces at work, operating from the shadows. Who can be trusted?

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