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Six Color Journey

Six Color Journey

To Pluto and Back


Ursula Good



Publish Date

May 14, 2022

Short Description

This is my colorful coming-out story. My hope with this book is to help or inspire anyone who is about to start, or who is in the midst of their life journey. Finding yourself can be challenging. Finding happiness can sometimes be a chore. Nevertheless, it's always worth the fight! This is my RAINBOW story...


The Winner

Book's Awards


Life is a journey.

My journey happens to be six colors.

Is your journey six colors too, or something similar?

If not, that is OK. I welcome everyone.

I believe we can all learn from each other regardless of who we are.

If you are curious enough, please continue reading and

I will tell you about my journey…

Six Color Journey - To Pluto and Back.


This book is a Thank you.

A thank you to my first girlfriend who OPENED my eyes.

A thank you to all the women I have met in the dating world who

in some remarkably interesting ways led me

to where I am today.


All the crazy drama was worth it!

Amee’ is my treasure at the end of the rainbow!

Amee’, thank you for being mine!

To Pluto and Back!




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Ursula Good

Ursula Good


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