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Shattered Image

Shattered Image


Mary Elizabeth Fricke


Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Suspense

Publish Date

December 26, 2020

Short Description

As a child she was called 'Betsy'. In college she became 'Liz' and "Elizabeth' as a woman of independent means ─or so she portrayed herself to others. The image of the child often taunted as 'the convict's daughter' to the woman known as 'the ice queen' was shattered in the realization that no matter what the name, what the image, underneath it all, everyone was not who others believed them to be. Especially not those she loved the most.


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Elizabeth Anne Miller lives her thirty-four years believing her parents were killed when she was a toddler. She is aware the circumstances of their deaths is questionable. Yet, she accepts the explanations of her grandfather and aunt without question─ until her employer is killed in his office. She believes her employer was the victim of an ambush until she returns to her childhood home and finds evidence otherwise. In the evidence, she discovers her beloved aunt is really her mother and her employer─ whom she knew and loved as a father─ really is her father.

For nearly three decades Neville Drastin lived two lives. One as Neville Drastin, always just a step ahead of the law while he became a very powerful businessman; the other as Dusty Miller, an escaped convict who convinced the woman he loved (Lillian Bannerman) that he was forced to remain in witness protection for her sake and the sake of their daughter.

Marc Grenwald was proud of his experience undercover and as a detective. He and his partner worked years to find enough evidence against Neville Drastin to put him behind bars. They didn't anticipate Drastin would choose death instead of arrest. Marc didn't know that Neville Drastin was the biological father of the woman he loved, Elizabeth Anne Miller

Despite Lillian Bannerman's prudish image, Lillian knows love. Lillian keeps the birth of her illegitimate daughter secret until the past catches up with her and she is not only forced to tell her daughter the truth─ she is also forced to accept the truth about the man she has loved for more than thirty years. Then, her lover's enemy steps forward to demand payment of a debt Lillian has never known existed.

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Mary Elizabeth Fricke

Mary Elizabeth Fricke


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